COVID-19 and Your Health and Safety

Your health and safety is most important to us! We are implementing measures and updating our protocols to keep you safe during your stay at The Ruddy Turnstone Inn. These are all based on recommendations from hospitality experts, and are in compliance with the CDC, Commonwealth of Massachusetts and our local health department. 


You may rest assured that we are continuing our high level of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting at the Inn, and increasing the number of times we disinfect areas that may be frequently touched by others. We are strictly following the recommendations of the CDC, the State of Massachusetts, and our local health department.


We are blocking rooms for at least 24 hours between stays.  Once the room is cleaned, sanitized and disinfected, we will seal it from any further entry.  When you arrive you will be the first person who has been in that room since it was disinfected.  For your protection, we will not enter your room during your stay, trash pickup outside your door will be provided daily, and fresh towels upon request.

Extra non-essential items will be removed from the rooms — throw pillows and blankets, magazines, travel books, pads of paper and pens, dishes, beach chairs,umbrella and cooler.  If you need anything, of course, just ask, and we’ll bring it to you.

Text Messaging

Please text 508-246-4907 for anything that you may need.

Personal Protection

Please note that Massachusetts requires the wearing of face masks in all public places.  


We respond to texts if you prefer.

463 Main St

Brewster, MA